Weight Management Course

Do you feel you know what to do to lose weight however you just can’t seem to stick to the habits long enough to see lasting results?
My weight loss coaching program allows you to explore any barriers to change and really helps eliminate those areas which may be blocking your path to success.
We will work together to create a health and fitness plan that suits you. I will be using tools to help grow the desired mindset needed to be successful in losing weight in a healthy way.
The 12-week program is £600 upfront and consists of 12 one-hour sessions. Wellness & Wellbeing coaching is £300 upfront for 6 x one-hour sessions. The initial consultation which is free.
Need a more affordable option? The group coaching may be for you, to find out more click here.
Each course includes….
Goal Setting
Personal Fitness Plan
Nutrition Advice 
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Weight Management App

Case Study:
Weight Loss

Jane reached out to me because she wasn’t happy with her body shape and wanted to lose some weight.
We worked together on the following areas:
- Goal Setting
- Law of Attraction
- Hypnosis
- Fitness Program
- Nutrition Advice
Jane’s confidence grew throughout the sessions. She realised that she was living in the wrong area to be able to follow her dreams. She put her house up for sale and moved closer to her family. Once she was settled Jane used the tools I had suggested and started to lose a healthy amount of weight consistently.
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