Military to Civilian Wellbeing

Are you a veteran struggling to fit in with civilian life? Do you feel like you need a little help and guidance? Are you feeling unfulfilled and underwhelmed? Has your social circle shrunk and are you missing the banta?
As a veteran myself I understand how hard it can be for some ex serving personnel to settle in to a life as a civilian. With my coaching program I will explore any barriers to change and really work on your new identity to help you feel fulfilled in your current civilian role.
I believe when we were serving in the Military, we were all part of something bigger than ourselves and we felt fulfilled serving our country. We felt like part of a family, and we always had a routine and purpose. I can help you create that sense of belonging again though creating new positive habits and building a strong mindset for success.
Help with
Goal Setting
Health & Fitness Advice
Nutrition Advice
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Case Study:
Transition to civilian role

Audrey had contacted me as she was struggling with the transition from her military life into her civilian role.
Areas we worked on:
- Goal Setting
- Identity
- Personality Colours
- Fitness Program
- Nutrition Advice
- Law of Attraction
Throughout the sessions Audrey became more confident. She realised that she was still the same person as she was when working in the Military and learned how to transfer her skills into her new role. By the end of our sessions Audrey had been offered a better position in the company she was working with.
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