Group Coaching For Fat Loss

Are you looking to lose weight and don't know where to start? Are you fed up with trying the latest diet trends? Is your life so busy that you don't know how to prioritise your own needs?
My group coaching program may be for you.
I will provide consistent support to help you through your journey.
There is an upfront payment of £200 for the first 12 weeks then £50 per month for the duration of your time on the program if you wish to continue.
Each course includes….
Exercise Programs
Support Group
Person Trainer Support
Nutrition Advice
One to One onboarding call

Case Study:
Weight Loss

Jane reached out to me because she wasn’t happy with her body shape and wanted to lose some weight.
We worked together on the following areas:
- Goal Setting
- Law of Attraction
- Hypnosis
- Fitness Program
- Nutrition Advice
Jane’s confidence grew throughout the sessions. She realised that she was living in the wrong area to be able to follow her dreams. She put her house up for sale and moved closer to her family. Once she was settled Jane used the tools I had suggested and started to lose a healthy amount of weight consistently.
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