What is NLP?

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a pseudoscientific approach to communication, created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the US, in the 1970s. There is a connection between neurological processes, language and behavioural patterns learned through experience, and that these can be changed to achieve specific goals in life.

NLP is the practice of understanding how people organise their thinking, feeling, language and behaviour to produce the results they do. It provides people with a methodology to model outstanding performances achieved by geniuses and leaders in their field. It is also used for personal development and for success in business.

Neuro - Everyone has their own unique mental filtering system for processing the millions of bits of data being absorbed through the senses. Our first mental map of the world is constituted of internal images, sounds, tactile awareness, internal sensations, tastes and smells that form as result of the neurological filtering process.

Linguistic - Personal meaning is assigned to the information received. We form our second mental map by assigning language to the internal images, sounds and feelings, tastes and smells, and form conscious awareness.

Programming - The behavioural response that occurs as a result of neurological filtering processes and the subsequent linguistic map.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that uses the power of suggestion to encourage positive change. A hypnotherapist will use relaxation techniques to help you reach a state where the conscious part of your mind is relaxed, and your subconscious part is more open to suggestion. They will then use suggestion techniques to help encourage the change you’re looking for.

What is Life Coaching?

A life coach is someone professionally trained to help you maximise your full potential and reach your desired results. They are like a supportive friend and a trusted adviser rolled into one. They’re someone who will push you to identify your goals, hold you accountable and provide encouragement throughout your journey to become a better version of yourself.

What do you mean by using tools?

I call it my toolbox. Whilst training and earning the relevant qualifications to carry out this profession I have collated different tools and techniques that help me help you. I will use the tools I feel are needed which best suit you depending on your needs and circumstances.
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