About Jodie

Jodie joined the Armed Forces in 1999 and had her first of two children in 2003. She was a single parent for most of her time served.
She left the Army in 2013 and at first, she found it very exciting, as she was about to start a new chapter in her life. A year later she felt very low and had started to put on weight. She was no longer her normal bubbly self.
She didn’t feel like she belonged anywhere and felt like the identity she used to have in the military had been taken away and she missed having people around her. Her daily routine had gone, and she no longer felt like she belonged to something bigger than herself. She had no purpose.
In 2014 Jodie was introduced to personal development, which opened the door to NLP and Hypnotherapy and changed her look on life. She started training as a personal trainer and soon lost some of the weight she had gained. Jodie soon found her purpose in life. She realised that all she wanted to do was help others and decided to use her new qualifications to become a Life Coach.
Jodie loves helping people through her own life experiences and tools she has gained from her qualifications. Jodie thrives on results and really helps people find their barriers. Through helping others to create more positive habits Jodie believes she can guide anyone on to their chosen path.
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My qualifications are….
Personal Trainer
NLP Practitioner
Life Coaching
Basic Counselling Skills
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